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The Dog Smart is a fun game to start brain training. The challenge for your dog is to find the treat you have hidden under the bones. If your dog likes it, reward him exuberantly. This makes playing together even more fun, but a little help with the game is always allowed!


Use: Have your dog sit and show him where you hide the treat. Only after your permission can he start searching. If things get too wild, stop and start again. You can leave out a number of bones to clearly show where the goodies are, this makes it a bit easier. You can also put the bones loose on the recesses to make the game easier for your dog. Help is allowed; the intention is to have fun together! You will be amazed at how smart your dog is. The Dog Smart can be used both indoors and outdoors. The game is meant to be played together and not to leave your dog alone. When you're done, always put the game away for next time.

Difficulty 1: Games like the Dog Smart are perfect for introducing your dog to dog games and puzzles. They are the stepping stone to the more challenging games of the higher levels. With the Dog Smart, the difficulty can be adjusted by turning the bones around. This makes the bones harder to grab. Your dog will have to find a solution to get to the treats. Let those dog brains crack!

Game tips: The dog games are a challenge for every dog ​​brain. Because of the mental challenge, games help against boredom and reduce unwanted behavior, such as demolishing and biting things. Play with your dog and teach him not to chew or throw the game. Provide clear instructions to help your dog handle the game. This is an important part of the learning process. Playing together is fun and creates a better bond.

Different Rewards Both wet and dry treats can be hidden in the game's recesses. You can also put wet food in the recesses. Then place the game in the freezer and offer the game on a hot summer day. Now he can lick the food out like an ice cream cone. Challenging and refreshing!

Cleaning tips: To keep your dog's play clean and fresh, we recommend using running warm water with a mild soap. Then rinse the game well with clean water.

Material: Plastic
Dimensions: Diameter 27 cm, height 3.5 cm.
Weight: 0.474 kg
Colours: Red/ white

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