HOV-HOV Dog Bakery

Organic, baked products distributed by MagX.

HOV-HOV (Woof-Woof) dog bakeries are spreading across Europe!

These delicious dog biscuits & special treats are made with premium, natural, wholesome ingredients. They are low-caloric and suitable for friends of any shape, size or age.

The idea was inspired by the love between one sweet dog and Slovenian born Nastja Verdnik. Hov-Hov bakeries are now located in Berlin (GER), Ljubljana (SLO), Maribor (SLO), Zagreb & Trieste (IT).    

Nastja explains below.

When I left home, I got her as a gift and she became my priority. I only wanted the best for her. I spent a lot of time behind books and computer,  reaching out to veterinarians and concluded  that the market doesn't offer what I wish for her. So I started to bake, first just for my dog and later for all of my friend's companions. One of them also owns a pet store and she's to blame for everything....she found the concept of homemade and natural snacks very interesting, so we launched  experimentally. The biscuits stole the show, feedback was amazing and the rest is history. " 

How are your snacks different from others in pet stores?

"Our products are 100% natural, free from preservatives, additional food colorants and flavor enhancers. There is also no salt and sugar added. They are made from quality meat pieces and vegetables of local origin. You won't find any bone, by-products such as unusable meat parts, there are no added fats or ash.

Since our snacks are low-caloric, they are appropriate for dogs of every size and age. Special attention goes to those with allergies and diets.

Our product will make sure that even your four-legged best friends with allergies and special diets shall not stay empty pawed."

-100% Natural Ingredients

-No Added Salt or Sugar

-No Added Chemicals or Preservatives

-No Artificial Flavours


MagX Pets is the distributor of Hov-Hov dog bakery products in The Netherlands.

For more info on ingredients, pricing & availability:

hovhov@magxpets.com I +31 642566733