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"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France


Fair and ecologically sustainable dog accessories. Sewn by people with disabilities. 

Robust mattresses made with upcycled materials.  

Zippers from PET recycled plastic bottles.


Camellia Bed Collection.

The luxe bed is cushioned with long-lasting and hard-wearing buckwheat husks.

This natural, renewable filling ensures spinal support for a restorative sleep.  

SIZE : 60cm diameter.

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NEW Collection -FUZZPLAY

FuzzPlay Furniture is made up of two components: felt and wooden buttons. The flat parts are folded, stuck together, and rolled.

The simple technique changes two-dimensional basic shapes into a sophisticated body of space. 

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Hip Bags for Dog Walking

Our uber-hip hip bag holds pretty much everything you need when out and about - and of course leaves your hands free!

Each model is unique, with different colors and different combinations!

Made by Refugees in Lesvos.

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Pet Interiors.

This stylish furniture & bedding is proudly made in Germany.

A large Bavarian producer of human mattresses makes Pet-Interiors cushion and mattress fillings. 

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Pouch for Dog treats

Belt Pouch made by refugees at Humade Crafts, Lesvos.

Around your waist or over your shoulder - this belt pouch, made from discarded dinghies, holds your essentials for your next walk with your furry friend!

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Baskit Snakerun tunnel Flower Nautilus Lighthouse scratching post

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FUZZPLAY - Play & Sleep in Style

FuzzPlay Furniture is made up of two components: felt and wooden buttons.

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Dog Drying Coat - Ocean Blue Dog Drying Coat - Cotton Dog Drying Coat - Pink Berry Dog Drying Coat - Green Leaf

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Dog Drying Coats


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Coats with attitude.


Why is your pets bedding so important?

Choose a healthy lifestyle for your loved one.

At magX we celebrate the life long journey we have with our pets. The collection at MagX is carefully selected to support you in offering your pet a long lasting, healthy lifestyle. Our products are European made, high quality, sustainable products. No compromise on quality is made.