Memory Foam Mattress

Perfectly adapts. 

A wrong sleeping position can cause muscle tension and bone-joint diseases even with healthy dogs.

Mattress cushions with memory foam help the body to recover during sleep and rest periods. This visco-elastic high-tech-foam reacts to body temperature and weight. Thanks to its pressure reducing feature, a memory foam dog mattress supports your dog in sleeping in a relaxed and natural position, relieving joints and muscles.

The mattress, made out of 100% viscoelastic memory foam, adapts perfectly to the body, prevents pressure points, and promotes an ideal pressure distribution across the body (normal foam materials react to counter pressure). While laying down the spine will be kept straight, evenly supported, and in the proper anatomic form. It eases tensions, joints will feel relieved, and can lessen pain. The memory foam mattress helps blood flow and promotes deep, and relaxed sleep.

Scientific studies show that humans turn a lot less from one side to the other and wake up more relaxed when sleeping on memory foam. 

Memory foam mattresses are of high density, breathable, and temperature adjusting. 

Pet-Interiors only uses 100% memory foam (no sandwich-combination of normal foam and fleece).

Products are first grade quality.

Dog beds and cushions are produced by a brand-name manufacturer for human mattresses in Bavaria, Germany. Our supplier does not distinguish between human and animal when choosing materials. The orthopaedic mattress will stay true to form for years.

This high-tech material was developed by NASA to reduce the pressure on their astronauts during the start and re-entry phase. These mattresses have been already been used already for years in patient care to avoid bedsores and also on operating tables since it promotes ideal blood flow.

The benefits of our visco-elastic memory foam dog mattresses:

- optimal relaxation of potential pressure sores
- improvement of blood circulation
- decrease of backache and muscle pain
- controled accommodation supporting all body zones
- regulation of thermo active hardness
- reduction of muscle tension in shoulder and ridge musculature
- prevention of decubitus pressure sores

Memory foam mattresses are recommended particularly with regard to:

- arthrosis and arthrosis prevention
- hip joint dysplasia
- elbow dysplasia
- spondylosis
- obesity
- older dogs
- post operative surgeries