Orthopaedic, Latex Cushion Filling. Why?

Many commercial pet beds are filled with foam plastics with very little density, thin polyester fleece or polystyrene balls. These materials are soft, too thin and not stable enough, resulting in your dear pet ending up on the hard, often cold floor. Such fillings do not offer your pet the necessary point elasticity for proper support of the spine and joints.                                                                                                                        

Our orthopaedic dog and cushion fillings have been specifically developed and optimised for pets. The pillow inlays are filled with high density and quality latex flakes.

A large Bavarian producer of human mattresses makes Pet-Interiors cushion and mattress fillings. No difference is made between human and animal in choice of materials and high-quality processing.

Latex cushion fillings are OEKO-TEX Certified (Standard 100).

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As a general rule, the higher the density, the more elastic, durable and sustainable, will be the support effect of the cushions and their capability to regain shape, as well as their support of the main sleeping position changes.

Thanks to the high density, these pet cushions maintain their stability and shape, remaining permanently elastic, therefore long lasting and hardwearing.

The excellent point elasticity of these latex filling enable a perfect mould according to the individual shape of your pet. This helps avoid any compressions on the intervertebral disks and moving joints of the spine. An excessive compression on the spine would interfere with its regeneration.

Thanks to the optimized height of the latex cushions- which varies according to the size and weight of the pets - and to the specific latex filling in their core, these indoor cushions offer a perfect sensation of lightness and relaxation for spine and joints.

In elderly dogs and cats or in animals affected by hip joint dysplasia or arthrosis, the natural boost of latex helps avoid or minimize bedsore and pressure sores.

Anti-allergic, antibacterial.

Through the usage of latex, our cat & dog cushion fillings are anti-allergic, antibacterial, and regulate humidity and temperature. Latex also has antiseptic characteristics and is very unlikely to be attacked by mites.

Excellent suspension, regains shape.

The padding is almost silent when the animal moves, thus enabling a quiet and restorative sleep. Latex offers an excellent capability of suspension and regains shape after numerous position changes, thus ensuring a restful, regenerative sleep.

Care of latex cushions.

Cushions can be machine-washed with high temperature.

Dry at low temperature in the dryer.