How can I contact magX?
You can contact us on +31 642566733, or through email on info@magxpets.com. We should be able to email you back within 24 hours. Feel free to ask us anything!
Do you ship world wide?
We do ship worldwide and at this moment we still do this free of charge. Please note that for deliveries outside the EU, import and tax costs are at your own expense.
What is the best bed for my dog?
A comfortable, body-supporting dog bed is necessary for your pet's wellbeing. Consider the amount of time puppies and adult dogs spend sitting and sleeping. It is definitely worthwhile buying the right dog bed to give your dog comfortable, restful sleep. When choosing a sleeping place, please consider the correct size and sleep behavior of your dog. Read more on this here.
Why does my dog need a place to sleep?
An adult dog spends 16-18 hours a day sleeping and resting. The purchase of a high quality dog bed, with orthopedic lying comfort, makes sense. Your dog feels safe and protected in his/her own bed and has a set place for restful and recreative sleep. Elderly or arthritis effected dogs require a joint-friendly dog bed. A suitable place to sleep improves your pet’s quality of life.
What is the right bed size for my dog?
Observe your dog’s sleeping habits. Does he or she love to curl up or does sleep stretched out? On his/her back? Curled up and then stretched out again?
If your pet loves to stretch out, a dog pillow or mattress, rectangular or square without a high edge is a good choice. Determine the optimal size of the dog cushion by measuring your dog while sleeping and add 7"-10". If your dog loves to curl up while sleeping, measure the longest side of the dog and add about 7"-10". The result is the perfect size for your dog bed in length or diameter.
What type of bed. There are so many choices?
Observe your dog. He/she usually shows pretty much what he/she prefers. Short-haired dogs generally love it more soft and cuddly, with an edge to lean on. These dogs love Pet-Interiors pillowcases made from fleece fabric.
All DIVAN cushions, as well as the pet baskets are a good choice. Long-haired dogs are often better on smooth surfaces, as they are susceptible to getting too warm through the long fur. For these dogs we recommend covers out of leatherette or microfiber. For large, heavy dogs, the LOUNGE cushions are most suitable. Chambers are stitched inside the dog cushion to prevent the high-quality latex filling from migrating. The bed surface retains its straightness and recumbency characteristics are slightly firmer than DIVAN cushions. Many elderly or arthritis effected dogs need a back-friendly dog bed. Our beds are either filled with orthopedic latexflakes or equipped with viscoelastic foam. Dogs also love clean beds. Therefore, all our cushion covers are washable and replacement covers are available, even after years. Look to it that the filling does not crumple together or can be pushed through. Because that is not comfortable for any dog. The high-quality latex filling has very high restoring forces. We guarantee that should it ever happen that a dog pushes through to the ground, you will receive an immediate replacement.
DIVAN or LOUNGE cushion, which one should I choose?
The DIVAN cushion is loosely filled with our premium high-quality Latex flakes. The animal may rummage around a little, scrape and snuggle into the pillow. The bed surface is softer than in the LOUNGE cushions. Cats and small dogs love and prefer this cushion type. Inside the LOUNGE cushions chambers are stitched which are also filled with high-quality Latex flakes. These chambers prevent excessive migration of the filling inside the cushion. The bed surface remains nearly straight and is slightly firmer in its recumbency characteristics. Which cushion is most suitable largely depends upon your pets sleeping preferences.
Cuddling preferred = DIVAN cushion.
Preferably straight lying, difficulty in getting up = LOUNGE cushion.
How many pet beds per dog?
Pets like to move around. It is optimal when different berths with different characteristics are available. This way your dog has the ability to change the berth and also the location as needed.
Where do I set the beds?
The sleeping place generally tends to be located where the family stays throughout the day. Dogs are pack animals and want to be near you. The sleeping place should be set up in a quiet room or corner. The entrance area is not recommended, as there it creates restlessesness and the dog will often be disturbed. Please also consider the noise level next to his/her sleeping place. Dogs should not be resting too close to the home stereo or TV.
Bed, Sofa or chair as a sleeping place?
Dogs are family members, which means habits and behaviours vary from family to family, depending on our own principles. It is important, to be consistent in the original decision, whatever that is. Our beautiful bedding can be perfectly integrated to your living space and environment, without neglecting the specific needs of your beloved pet.