FUZZPLAY - Pets still need 'abit of wilderness'

Are you an animal lover and looking for a sophisticated design that is high-quality and exclusive and that can also be appropriately integrated into any living environment? 

How about unusual animal furniture made of felt? A play tunnel with movable joints? A shell-like cave to hide? A placemat that can also serve as a “basket”? A flower to put in? A felt scratching post?

See what beautiful interiors can be created when animal lovers, designers and veterinarians work together to develop play and sleep objects made of felt.

The play and sleep objects by FuzzPlay are species-appropriate, suitable for apartments and at the same time offer an attractive design. All materials we use are harmless to humans and animals. The FuzzPlay needle felt is washable and therefore very easy to clean. FuzzPlay pet furniture is suitable for cats, dogs and other small animals ...

Made in Germany.
In terms of design and quality, not only dogs and cats were thought of, but also the preferences of eclectic owners. This was praised by the experts and awarded the iF product design award.

Aesthetically, FuzzPlay is based on the human eye: No fluffy trim paths, but simple, straightforward products and games for everyone: The surface parts are folded, plugged and rolled. The simple technology transforms the two-dimensional basic forms into differentiated spatial bodies.