Snakerun tunnel
Snakerun tunnel
Snakerun tunnel

Snakerun tunnel

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Up for a game of catch through a felt- pipe tunnel? This prospect is interesting to more than just cats. Movable joints allow for ateasing or encouraging hand to reach through during a chase. Expandability is limited only by the size of the room.

Snakerun is a high-quality tunnel system made of felt strips of different lengths, which are connected to one another like a joint with wooden buttons. The turning and rolling in all directions and the mobility of the individual joints thus allow courageous intervention “during the hunt”.

Snakerun is available in two basic versions of different lengths - as a five- or nine-section model. Depending on the space available, Snakerun can of course be expanded as required.

Snakerun Small consists of 5(five) felt parts.
Length of 760 mm I  Diameter of 265 mm

Snakerun Large consists of 9 (nine) felt parts.
Length of 1320 mm  I Diameter of 265 mm

Both play tunnels have a felt thickness of 6 mm and are therefore very robust and resistant. FuzzPlay felt is easy to clean and washable at 40 ° degrees.