Choupette's Diary. A New Romance Begins.


Together MagX Pets and Choupette's Diary have created a Camellia bed that honors the bond between pets and their owners.

A nod to Daddy’s favorite flower, the blooming bed represents a safe place where your cat can retire to when they need their beauty rest. The luxe bed is cushioned with long-lasting and hard-wearing buckwheat husks. This natural, renewable filling ensures spinal support for a restorative sleep. 

"You never truly understand the impact a pet can have on your life until you have your own. I know for sure that my Daddy Karl Lagerfeld never did before he adopted moi! The love and companionship of the bond between a pet and their human is a special one; one that is only understood between the two. 

A brand that recognizes such a bond is MagX Pets, which was built on the foundation of the bond the founder Magdaleine Margaritis had with her dog Maximus. MagX celebrates the life-long journey we have with our pets and the #ChoupettesDiaryXMagXPets collaboration embodies this sentiment."     - Choupette

Just as the Camellia represents the union or bond between two, the #ChoupettesDiaryXMagXPets collaboration represents that same connection between a pet and their owner. Give your cat a supportive place to retreat to when they need a safe place to rest their tired paws with our Camellia bed collection. 

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