Cat Bed Sizing Guide

Cats may be classified in two sizes – normal and huge.

As most cats are a standard size, their beds are generally around 40-50cm in diameter…the saying ‘one size fits all” has never been truer. Cats always curl up so they fit into smaller places than you think.

However, the one exception is the Main Coon cat who will need a much larger litter box, a sturdy cat tree and a bigger bed. A Main Coon cat can reach 25 – 40 cm long and 20 – 35cm tall. While they could fit into a bed 30 x 50cm, you can always opt for a medium size dog bed.

It is also a good practice to ensure that the bed has protection for them….they prefer to be in warm, secure places away from busy areas, perched above the ground and offering security from passing activity.