Material Care


Only Felt from 100% sheep wool is used. This felt Is a natural product mechanically manufactured in Germany, by means of humidity, pressure and warmth. Felt is hardened without the addition of any binding materials.

Material:  Felt 100% sheep wool, needle felt 100% Polypropylene.

Care of Felt:  The felts that are utilized are damp-resistant and can be easily cleansed with a wet cloth and a delicate neutral soap solution. In case of obstinate dirt, the felt may also be dry-cleaned.

Fleece Covers - Chosen by Pets

Christel & Otto had an animal test panel make their selection. The fleece that is now used was unanimously selected by every cat and dog as their favourite material. Animals love this material because of its closely-woven pile, its softness and its warmth features.

This fabric is also suitable for cushion covers thanks to the breathable activity of the material and the easy-to-clean character. The cosy fleece from 100% polyester, with a density of 1 1/2 oz per square feet, is manufactured in Italy for high-quality outdoor coverings. It remains perfectly soft and fluffy even after frequent washing and has an anti-pilling system.

Material:  Fleece 100% Polyester.

Care of Fleece:  Cushion covers can be machine-washed at 100º F, warm, and then gently dried in a dryer at low temperature. This will remove remaining animal hairs.


Microfiber has many favorable properties, which is why it is considered ideal material for animal pillows and pet beds. Microfiber is easy to clean, durable and equally visually appealing. It is particularly soft and smooth, comfortable in touch and highly shape retaining.

The good properties of microfibers can be achieved due to closely spinning of very fine fibers resulting in a greater surface area and more fiber strength. The material that is used for Pet-Interiors pillow cases, is traditionally used for high-quality upholstered furniture and covered with an extra stain protection.

Material:  Upper fabric 100% Polyester, reinforce fabric 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester

Care of Microfiber:  Cushion covers can be machine-washed at 90º F, cold/warm, and then gently dried in a dryer at low temperature. This enables to remove the remaining animal hairs. Please do not spin dry to avoid wrinkles.


Covers are manufactured out of 100 % satin cotton in a small factory in Upper Franconia. The satin ribbons, also made out of cotton.

Material:  100% Cotton.

Care of Cotton:  Machine-washable at 100º F, warm, and are suitable for tumble drying.

Incontinence Cover

The incontinence cover protects the interior of the dog cushion from liquid. Fluids do not penetrate into the inside of the cushion, thereby preventing unpleasant odors. The underside of the incontinence cover is made of durable cotton. This ensures quick air exchange as soon as your pet lay down on the pillow.

Material:  Incontinence cover Top: membrane layer: 100% polyester, carrier material 100% polyamide.

Care of Incontinence Cover:  The incontinence cover is machine washable at 40°. Do not use in dryer, do not dry clean, do not iron.

Cover Crocheted

The cover is manufactured here in Bavaria. The cover is directly crocheted over a steel frame and made out of strong cotton yarn.

Material:  100% Cotton.

Care of crocheted cover: The small baskets can be easily dusted using the hoover's brush attachment.

Faux Leather

The faux leather used is both haptic and optically hard to distinguish from authentic leather. Faux Leather has a functional, abrasion-proof surface that is practical and long lasting. The abrasion test according to Martindale resulted in a value of 40,000. For comparison: good-quality fabrics for upholstered furniture have a value of 20,000. Furthermore, the material is equipped with a flame-retardant system.

Material:  83% PVC, 16% Polyester, 1% PUR

Care of Faux leather:  Neither artificial nor faux leather need any preserving treatments. To cleanse, simply wipe with warm water and a delicate neutral soap solution.


This leather furniture range is manufactured using Italian cow skin, semi-aniline skin with a natural surface. The leather gains its unique look and the soft touch thanks to a special finishing process.

Care of Leather:  There are no specific cleaning instructions. Dirty areas can simply be cleaned with a wet cloth and cleansing agents usual in commerce (diluted, never concentrated) observing the instructions of the manufacturer of the specific cleansing agent.


The braided basket is also manufactured in a small factory in Upper Franconia (Lichtenfels is the German ' basket city) in rattan cane. After being braided, the basket is treated with an eco-friendly water varnish. The varnish fosters the braiding's stability and ensures a long durability.

Care of basket:
The small basket can be easily dusted using a vaccum cleaner brush attachment. Gross dirt can be removed by using a soap solution and a soft brush.

Stainless steel base stand

The RONDO STAND also comes from a small factory in Franconia is hand-made in stainless steel.

Care of steel base stand:  The stand in stainless steel can be easily dusted with a wet cloth and wiped with a dry cloth.